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India: Reaching the Covid-19 pandemic

This initiative comes from GUJ - Gujarat
The pandemic is extending its reach and causing havoc. Gujarat Jesuits walking with the poor.

The pandemic is affecting the poorest in Gujarat and India. Millions of migrant workers have left the cities and some of them have walked 400 Kms to reach their home. Most of them are occupied in construction work, in the service sector (restaurants and hotels).

It has been truly an exodus. It is going to be difficult to check that they do not transmit any infection.

The Province sends three times a week news of what is being done. Hampered by a strict lockdown, some initiatives have taken place.

In Ahmedabad and Surat, our Social Centres have moved effectively. The main objective is not providing relief, but ensuring that the poor in the slums have access to the various relief plans provided by the Government.

After discerning with the collaborators an intervention policy has been decided upon.

  1. Check the needs to people regarding food and health.
  2. Contact not only the areas in which we work but cover also other areas of the city.
  3. The centre should become a link between the people, the government and other agencies.
  4. Come to know the really needy families.
  5. Think of the relief kit once the impact of the government intervention has been assessed.
  6. The phone numbers provided by the government have been given to all workers.


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