COVID-19 song: Let There Be Peace (South Asia)

This initiative comes from JCSA - Conference of South Asia
The Comms Team of JCSA likes to present before you, a beautiful song cum video composed by our young men of Satya Nilayam.

The song is titled, “Let There Be Peace” – Dedicated to all the Migrant Labourers and the Ailing Cosmos!

Lyrics download

Vocals: Ms. Divya (Chennai), Sch. Ambrose SJ (BOM), Sch. Christ Rajan SJ (DAR), Sch. Alok Ekka SJ (RAN).

Orchestrations and Mixing: Mr. Sujoy John (New Delhi).

Lyrics: Sch. Ambrose SJ

Music Composition: NiMo SJ

Ambrose SJ (Rap)

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