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GUJARAT-INDIA: Parishes in a mission of Mercy

This initiative comes from GUJ - Gujarat
30 Parishes and missions facing Covid-19

All parishes and missions of Gujarat province, 30 in total, have tried to reach vulnerable sectors of the population locked down in their poor houses and unable to work. The effort has touched persons of all religions and cultures giving preference to the old, and sick. Below there are some of the messages we have received.

Nanisingloti Mission, Dediapada Ta., Narmada Dt. Gujarat

In spite of the restriction, with the help of the village leaders, we are trying to find out people who are really in need, especially elderly people and widows who have no means of support either from the Government or family. We have started distributing rice, dal and cooking oil and we are also distributing fresh vegetables periodically from our farm to the neighboring villages.

Ankleshwar Parish, Bharuch Dt, Gujarat

With the written permission of the Mamlatdar, the blessings of the local police and the cooperation of our good Sisters, Ankleshwar Parish is reaching out to the families of poor daily labourers struggling to survive the lockdown in our villages. we distribute packets of food to about 200 such families.

St. Francis Xavier Parish Gamdi-Anand, Gujarat

St. Francis Xavier Parish reached out to the COVID-19 affected poor and needy families of Gamdi-Anand parish. Under the guidance of Parish Priest the volunteers made the list of beneficiary and   prepared 223 kits of essential food items and distributed to needy families The parish volunteers went around the villages with a tempo and distributed personally, making sure that no family remains without basic necessities of life.

Catholic Church, Jivan Jyot, Unai, Navsari Dt. Gujarat

Efforts have been made to reach to the poor in this situation. We have distributed to 28 poor daily-labouring families food kits In this way we have reached to 130 persons. Free Masks have also been distributed and spread an awareness among people about COVID19. (Fr. Robert)

St Joseph’s Parish, Vadodara, Gujarat

The Jesuit Community and Parish Council contributed towards the aid given to the poor and daily-wage earning people. More than 150 families have been helped with dal, rice, oil etc. They will continue having a second and third round of help as well.

Catholic Ashram, Radhanpur, Patan Dt. Gujarat

Continuing the effort, the Ashram has contacted 30 families of widows and poor families from 6 Villages. They are also planning to reach 350 families of migrants, vegetable vendors’’ families, 12 Village poor families. The plan is to continue for one month. (Fr. Michael Raj)

Catholic Church, Shamgahan, Dangs Dt. Gujarat

We have identified the needy people (poor, widows, migrants, old people) around. We are going to distribute 200 kits of food materials to them. Each kit consists of 5 kg rice, 5 kg wheat flour, 1 kg daal, oil, bathing soap and washing soap. This service will be carried out within three weeks. Apart from this Food Materials support we will be creating awareness about the crucial aspects like prevention, hygiene, social distancing and isolation in this critical situation.

St. Joseph’s Parish, Adivasi Pragati Kendra, Vyara, Gujarat

The Parish has reached out to the migrants, labourers on their way home from Surat to Dangs, providing them snacks.

Bardipada Mission, Tapi Dt, Gujarat

We have reached to the old and aged; around 50 families by distributing grocery items, that is 10 gs per the family. Some construction workers have taken shelter in our compound. The distribution was done with the approval of the government official.

Mandali Parish, Mehsana Dt Gujarat

The Parish has helped landless labourers unable to get any work.

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