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but our 244 online initiatives have grown into successful independent projects and so many new have been established following the example. We're unable to track all of them, so we've decided to turn this page into an archive and invite you to check the updated options at the local Jesuits' sites.
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The Success Story of the Social Outreach Ministry of the International Community Catholic Chapliancy

This initiative comes from ANW - North-West Africa
Jesuit Catholic Chaplaincy social response amidst COVID-19. We have to reach out now, by any means within our métier, to those who in desperate need.

The Social Outreach Ministry of the International Community Catholic Chaplaincy (ICCC) is the charity organ of this Jesuit Catholic chaplaincy. Comprising of 12 lay members drawn from the 170 Catholic nationalities, who constitute the ICC Chaplaincy – Nigerians, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Ghanaians, Americans, Brazilians, and many others that we have been blessed with, this ministry is making a tremendous impact in the lives of the poor.

So, reading the signs of our time – the hunger, the sickness, the sufferings of humanity, and the uncertainties, it became imperative on the Outreach Ministry to rise to the occasion.


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