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Rise to the occasion – JRS, Tamil Nadu, India

This initiative comes from MDU - Madurai
Ms Indumathi has inspired the youth of the refugee camps to make face masks. She was instrumental in making more than 1000 masks for the camp inmates.

Ms. Indumathi, one of the field officers JRS-TN, made restless by the havoc the  pathogen COVID-19 could cause, animated the youth club members of the refugee camps in Kanyakumari District to swing into action. She made a few videocalls to the adult volunteers and camp committee members of Perumalpuram and they, in turn, collected some money and bought cloth materials to prepare face masks.

The women who underwent advanced level training and Aari work offered by JRS made use of the JRS Complementary Education Centre and prepared 1,000 face masks for free distribution among the camp inmates. Inspired by the timely response of the youth in Perumalpuram, the nearby camps in Kolivizhai and Pagode also made use of JRS Complementary Education Centers for mobilizing the youth, preparing herbal sanitizer using salt, neem extract and turmeric and conducting medical camps which helped to scan the camp inmates for Coronavirus infection. Ms. Indumathi happily acknowledges that she owes her inspiration to do all this to the training and awareness she received from JRS-TN invarious forums.

Ms. Indumathi has become a model for the youngsters to be socially responsible.

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