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Vietnam: PDF – 14 Stations of the Cross amidst the covid–19 pandemic

This initiative comes from VIE - Vietnam
14 stations of the Cross for the time of COVID-19 pandemia - meditations in PDF written by Joseph Phạm Đình Ngọc, SJ, of Vietnamese province.

The stations of the cross on Good Friday this year are truly special. Geographically, we are unable attend mass together. The COVID–19 pandemic has forced everyone to stay home and attend mass online. Even during the Holy Week, we will attend the liturgy on the Internet. However, we believe that God himself comes to everyone at home. At this moment, we are in communion together on the journey Jesus took during the Passion. There we taste God’s love, and realize that He has always done everything possible to bring salvation to us. Even during this plague, God has worked even harder to overcome this pandemic with humankind.

We ask the Holy Spirit to unite each person. Through the Internet, we are presented to a wider, more international community. With that in mind, we now begin to walk with Jesus in his Passion.

CLICK HERE to access the file here [PDF]

FX. Nguyễn Hai Tính, SJ
Vincent Phạm Văn Mầm, SJ

Joseph Phạm Đình Ngọc, SJ
English translation: Anthony Nguyễn Trọng Kim, DCN
Editor: Theresa Nguyễn Thanh Tâm, Ph.D.

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