Lifeline -In Solidarity With… 8 Day Online Retreat (19th Annotation)

This initiative comes from JCSA - Conference of South Asia
Jesuit Conference of South Asia, organizes a 19th Annotation Model 8 Day Ignatian Retreat from April 05 -12, 2020.

What we are living because of the corona virus pandemic are harsh times for so many citizens all over the world, but this situation fosters creativity. The Jesuit Conference of South Asia (JCSA) is inviting everyone – and first of all to those who are confined at home – to engage in an Ignatian online retreat from 5 to 12 April (the Holy Week). It will use the Daily Life Model.

At this critical “Corona moment” of humankind, we dare to cling on to our life-line God, always labouring with us. In this context, the JCSA likes to accompany its people through a journey of eight days with Jesus on his way to Calvary, in solidarity with all who are, in some ways or other, distressed by the Covid-19 virus.  We commit to battle this menace together, and for all in abiding HOPE.

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