Ireland: Sacred Space COVID-19 ‘Isolation’ Retreat

This initiative comes from HIB - Ireland
New 14 day ‘Isolation’ retreat - Reassurance that God is with you during this difficult time.

Brendan McManus SJ and Jim Deeds have written a 14 day ‘Isolation’ retreat specifically for Sacred Space during this Coronavirus crisis. Using meditations from their two books, Finding God in the Mess and Deeper into the Mess, they have shaped a 14 day retreat around themes loosely based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius. Each day has a specific theme, a preparatory prayer, an introduction to the themes, three related scripture quotes, some questions for reflection and a closing prayer. People can use this resource in a number of ways:

• follow the programme for the 14 days;
• dip into the themes that speak to you, for example the meditation on fear;
• or use the meditations as daily prayer.

It can be used in any of these ways to get reassurance that God is with you during this difficult time, to deepen your prayer life or to provide a safe space away from worry and anxiety.

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