COVID-19 isn't gone yet...

but our 244 online initiatives have grown into successful independent projects and so many new have been established following the example. We're unable to track all of them, so we've decided to turn this page into an archive and invite you to check the updated options at the local Jesuits' sites.
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Georgetown University’s Initiative on Innovation, Development and Evaluation

This initiative comes from UNE - US Northeast
In partnership with other universities, Georgetown University is implementing a COVID-19 Student Impact Survey.

In partnership with other universities impacted by the move to virtual learning, the Initiative on Innovation, Development and Evaluation is implementing a COVID-19 Student Impact Survey,  intended for any student of any institution, worldwide, who is aged 18+. This short (10-15 minutes) survey is designed to give students a voice – a place where they can share their experiences, both positive and negative, and their concerns and opinions.

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