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CHENNAI: Solidarity with COVID-19 affected and infected [Jesuit Migrant Service (JMS) and Loyola Institutions (Chennai)]

This initiative comes from CEN - Chennai
2000 Migrant, 159 Gypsy and 635 Domestic Women Workers with dry food materials and sanitizers

Jesuit Migrant Service (JMS) to 2000 migrant and 159 Gypsy families, Department of Service Learning to 635 Domestic Women Workers with dry food materials and sanitizers.


Jesuit Migrants Service (JMS) is working with the migrants from North and the South of India since last five years. They have identified 2000 migrant families, the standard migrant workers in and around Chennai and 159 Gypsy families.  Loyola College, Chennai which has always extended its help during any disaster or calamities to the affected people is joining hands with the Jesuit Migrant Service to reach out to these people. They have taken a decision to make sure that these families protect themselves and keep themselves confined to their dwelling places and at the same time be assured of their food.

Now, the migrant workers do not have ration cards and hence TN civil support may not reach them. Hence, the Jesuits in the Migrant service and Loyola College are jointly working to provide provisions to them so that their basic need is fulfilled.

Department of Service Learning has identified 635 Domestic Women Workers to be provided with Dry Food Provisions.

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