COVID-19 isn't gone yet...

but our 244 online initiatives have grown into successful independent projects and so many new have been established following the example. We're unable to track all of them, so we've decided to turn this page into an archive and invite you to check the updated options at the local Jesuits' sites.
Thank you to all of 100.000 users who visited us!


Newsletter with daily reflection

This initiative comes from LIT - Lithuania and Latvia
One daily spiritual reflection from the Jesuits during the time of the quarantine.

For the first month of the quarantine we sent one daily reflection of around 250 words for people who signed up to our newsletter online. This reflection addressed everyday concerns and questions of people. After the first month we changed the frequency to once a week. In this newsletter we included also important informations about other Jesuit initiatives online or announcements from the pope or the bishops.

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