Facebook and Microsoft Teams Eucharist from Lithuania

This initiative comes from LIT - Lithuania and Latvia
Lithuanian and Latvian province streams Holy Masses using the platforms of Facebook and Microsoft Teams.

Through our facebook page we offer Holy Masses on Sundays in Lithuanian language. These are streamed from our five churches in Lithuania. During the Holy Triduum services alternated between our four churches.

It is offered to anyone with knowledge of Lithuanian language. The mass takes place every Sunday at 11 o’clock (UTC+3).

In addition to that the Holy Eucharist from the USA is streamed using Microsoft Teams platform at 10 o’clock (UTC-5) with readers and choirs joining the mass from different locations. This way it’s not only the priest celebrating, but a sense of community mass is created. This mass also takes place on weekdays at 9 o’clock (UTC-5). Users don’t need to be registered in order to join the mass as participants.

Usually around 200 people join in online.

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