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心理防疫系列02 與困難共處

This initiative comes from CHN - China
The second episode on "Enhancing Psychological Well-being: Befriend with Your Difficulty" by our two psychologists of Wah Yan College in Hong Kong.

In view of the outbreak of COVID-19, the Educational Psychologist and the Clinical Psychologist of Wah Yan College, Hong Kong and Wah Yan College, Kowloon produce a series of psycho-educational programs to support the wellness of students.

Many students are under much stress while being locked down at their homes since January. When will normal schooling resume? Hours of online learning each day and the uncertain arrangement regarding public examination toward the end of the academic year are also adding to their stress and frustration. So, how to handle these negative thoughts?

This video was produced in Hong Kong on March 11, 2020. It is in narrated in Cantonese Chinese.

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