COVID-19 isn't gone yet...

but our 244 online initiatives have grown into successful independent projects and so many new have been established following the example. We're unable to track all of them, so we've decided to turn this page into an archive and invite you to check the updated options at the local Jesuits' sites.
Thank you to all of 100.000 users who visited us!


オンラインキャンパス ミニストリー 毎週土曜日18時から18時45分

This initiative comes from JCAP - Conference of Asia Pacific




Online Campus Ministry Gathering under COVID-19 emergency

We are living in a very difficult situation. We are experiencing loneliness, facing worries, anxieties, and fears. Furthermore, we cannot even attend mass. Considering these realities, we realize that there is a need to provide an environment and a space for prayer and sharing as a spiritual support. Considering these circumstances, and having young people as our target, we plan to create an “Online MAGIS Circle”. We are going to use the ZOOM application for our gathering.

Every Saturday from 6 pm to 6:45 pm

Access via:


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